“I had several questions before the retreat started and you answered all of them promptly and thoroughly (thank you for that!!!) Just GRATITUDE! I shared my India experience with a friend yesterday for the first time and it was fun to think back. I was telling her how much it fed me and how clear I was when I returned. I definitely feel like something BIG shifted in me. I remember landing back in IL and knowing that it was time to move and that everything would be OK. ” 

“What we had on this retreat was very special. Hana’s gentle and kind spirit was felt in everything we did. Her love for India and her desire to share that love with us was something I personally connected with. I would recommend a sacred soul journey to anyone who loves yoga, travel and new adventures.” 

“It is difficult to describe in words the transformation that I experienced in India. I didn’t notice how it effected my life until I was thrown back into my daily life. It was as if I experienced everything with a sense of calm. I have never felt that way before in my life.”

“The group leaders (Hana and Cameron) were phenomenal! Well grounded. Patient and very accommodating to everyone’s needs in the group. They made this trip effortless! Extremely well planned and executed especially for a first time event!!!”

“Accommodations were absolutely perfect. I felt so comfortable, safe, and peaceful. The staff  were attentive, considerate, and engaging. Absolutely loved where we stayed! Breakfast was delicious.”

“Hana, thanks for everything in Rishikesh – from scouting all the best sites to your powerful teaching and guidance!” 

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time, conversations, and meditation with Hana. The retreat to India with Hana was a spectacular and memorable experience. Her warm and kind spirit make her the perfect hostess and guide, and I can’t wait to attend another retreat with her!”

“Thank you for the wonderful trip! Being in India and observing how the locals are able to get by with just the bare necessities is incredibly humbling. Their generosity and hospitality was amazing too! I also have many unforgettable memories from this trip! Thank you so much for creating the opportunity for us to go on this adventure and for taking such great care of us while we were there. It’s very much appreciated!”

“Hana brings a tremendous amount of positive energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and joy to her retreats! Given the opportunity, my wife and I would love to experience another retreat lead by her.” 

“Hana Berlin’s Goddess Retreat was life changing. I left India feeling like a new person; inspired, grounded, and more connected to my own voice than I can ever remember being. The yoga, meditation was informative and well organized. The location of the retreat was stunning! Relaxing on the beach was the perfect compliment to the practice and it gave all of the participants the opportunity to connect and deepen the discussion inspired by the practice. Hands down I would recommend Hana’s retreats. Whatever it is that speaks to you or calls you to experience one of these amazing trips, listen to it, you will not regret it!”

“I had a major breakthrough moment in our opening circle discussion (women’s only goddess sacred soul journey) which I credit to the warm, open, loving, safe atmosphere. Being in that space with our group gave me a place to talk out things that I needed to hear myself say, I was met with acceptance and support. I am moving forward with things that I have wanted to do and don’t know that I would have done them without the realizations I made at that time. The fact that it was on the first night really set the tone for the rest of the trip and I was able to let go of expectations for myself and for everything else and really just appreciate things as they were and as they happened. Life changing!!!!”

“Overall, I had the time of my life. I found a lot of clarity and a lot of self love during my Sacred Soul trip and made many friendships that will last a lifetime.”

“Hana did an amazing job making sure that everyone on the retreat was taken care of. “

“It was amazing getting to spend time and getting to know both Hana and Cameron, your energy, open hearts, and sense of adventure is inspiring and healing- thank you both for everything!”

“I came on this retreat because of Hana. I love her energy, kind and loving spirit. She didn’t disappoint. I felt very cared for and bathed in love and friendship. I loved India and would definitely look to attend another retreat!”

“Loved every moment of this trip. I wouldn’t have been able to travel without having a retreat set up because of lack of time to plan. I would recommend this retreat to anyone.”

“Hana is a thoughtful, responsible, and supremely kind person. She provided a safe, supportive, genuinely welcoming experience for me to experience India. I not only fell in love with India, but I was truly humbled by the culture, vibrancy, and spiritual magic of India on this trip. Thank you, Hana, for a sublime journey.”